Play in the sun.

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8 thoughts on “Play in the sun.”

  1. Love this Willa
    I’m sending it to my daughter for my 31/2 year old neurotypical granddaughter to play
    Thank you

  2. Pragtig Willa!! Sonskyn is kosbaar!! Sonder sonskyn sou daar geen lewe kon wees!!! Sonskyn gee ons blomme helder kleure en ons vrugte soet geure!! Nederland het die mooiste vrugte, maar smaak nie soos soet soos SA vrugte nie, want hier is te min sonskyn!! Sien, ja, so leer mens ietsie uit elke sonstraal!!

    1. Sonstrale verseker impak die hoe iets sal proe! ‘n Tannie wat ek geken het, het altyd as sy koek bak en dit klaar versier het, dit vir 10 min in direkte son laat staan voor sy dit bedien het, sy het dit haar sonskyn-liefde-geheim genoem 😉

  3. Oh I can just so relate especially through how and what I experience with my son and others who are very special in my life! I am musical and it runs in the genes so also find the music in this quite delightful! Thank you for sharing. May I share this too?

    1. do you sing and or what instruments do you play? I was hoping the music is happy and cheerful, so thankful to hear you find it quite delightful too 🙂 Of course, you may share – if it can brighten somebody’s day or bring a ray of hope to a NeuroDiverse family, I will be thankful 🙂

    1. sun and music – for sure a BIG smile on my face 🙂 Thank you for sharing a moment in time with me

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